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January 28 2015

Tchai Ovna is a small tea house in Glasgow, Scotland that has been fighting against the local council for the past few years to save their lane from unnecessary redevelopment and the construction of "luxury flats". The development will also see a treasured green and open space turned into another unwelcoming dark and grey obscurity. Other businesses at threat include an amazing second-hand book shop, a record store, and a clock repair shop, which together provide a pocket of tranquillity in the bustling West End of the city. 

Tchai Ovna has been a part of Glasgow for 15 years, and sells teas from all over the world, alongside vegan and vegetarian food. It hosts music and poetry evenings and is a place where all people are welcome. It is a popular hang-out for students from the nearby university, creative types, travellers, and anyone who wants to enjoy good tea or shisha in a quiet corner of the city. The staff are always friendly and helpful and the building is decorated with work by local artists.

This battle has been dragging on for years now, with mounting legal costs, so if you or anyone you know is able to help, I urge you to donate to their crowdfunder campaign. Please share this with as many people as you can. Help us keep our Dear Green Place as green as it can be, and preserve the nature and businesses that are at threat. 




March 23 2014


February 11 2014

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